Meat Climate Change #Vegan

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Meat Climate Change

The 2nd Leading Cause of Global Warming

by Dr. Moses Seenarine

To stop global warming and preserve a future for children, we must reduce the burning of fossil fuels, as well as greenhouse gas emissions released from the production and consumption of animal products. 


  • Demand for animal products is projected to increase by 50 percent from 2013 to 2025.
  • Even if the world went fossil free by 2100, increasing animal consumption will continue to cause catastrophic global warming.
  • A guidebook to climate science and dietary change, and related environmental, social and psychological issues. It examines the impacts of climate change and diet on the poor, water, forests, soil, oceans, biodiversity and health.
  • The book covers a wide range of disciplines, and includes analysis from hundreds of primary research studies. The book provides an excellent background on climate literacy, and great insights into climate politics. Importantly, it explores near term climate change scenarios to the year 2100, and necessary personal, social and policy changes.
  • This book would be useful to anyone interested in learning about climate change, the environment, diet and health, social inequality, and animal-based agribusiness. It is addressed to the general public, educators, social and environmental activists, climate scientists and policy-makers.

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