101 Leading Vegan Websites for Healthy Living #Vegan

Holistic nutrition is all about getting the perfect blend of nutrients from healthy sources while avoiding foods with toxic additives and excess amounts of particular chemicals. Opting for a vegan diet is one way that many people transition to overall healthier eating, and it’s a great way to eliminate some of the most common unhealthy eating habits. Veganism is often chosen for moral reasons as well, but for anyone who wants to develop more holistically nutritious eating habits, the health benefits of avoiding animal products like meat and milk are a great incentive to give the vegan lifestyle a shot. Some of the awesome benefits of going vegan include:

  • Reducing consumption of animal growth hormones and other chemicals.
  • Increased intake of fiber and assorted nutrients found in vegetables.
  • Lowered intake of excess sugar, salt, and fat typically found in processed meats, cheeses, and other animal products.

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VEGAN Everyday Stories… A Movie in the Making

Vegan Everyday Stories…

Vegan is a feature-length documentary exploring the widespread rise of veganism in mainstream culture. The movie takes a fascinating, in-depth look at how everyday people follow a vegan lifestyle while interweaving renowned expert interviews and heartfelt community stories.

We are looking for stories to feature in the movie! If you or someone you know has a story to share, please tell us about it.

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Where Nutrition Meets Modern Medicine – Dr Klaper – Love this Man…

Where Nutrition Meets Modern Medicine – Dr Klaper

The human body is such an amazing creation. When it gets what it needs—loving attention through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices—we function at our best.
Then, we are free to enjoy this astounding life to its fullest!Dr. Michael Klaper

It’s an honor and a joy to be on this journey of discovery and appreciation with you.
Welcome – and let’s get started… Click below for the rest of the story…